Monday, August 6, 2018


Still wet, but finished. Will be going into one of my October events. This one is part of my Chroma series, where I'm really pushing a color range within the work. I like playing with the 'push and pull' of 'warm and cool'.

‘4 Oranges & Cherries with Peonies’

24X27                  Acrylic

#Still_life #post_impressionism #contemporary_art #flowers #peonies

Thursday, July 26, 2018

A recent painting commission

Here's a few images of a recent painting commission, both in progress and the finished painting.

One of the most important stages in the process isn't featured here; the early designs and working with the collector on what they would like their painting to look like. Sketches and are shared and favorite paintings discussed. Once the sketch is approved I produce little color designs, so the collector can have a feel for what colors the final painting will feature. The 'to & fro' of this process, is always enjoyable.

The initial black outlines. I do this step first, since I prefer to create negative shapes and line work, by cutting into the outlines, to define the shapes.
This photo shows the under painting. Some of these colors are secondary to the final color. Small dabs and areas are left of final paint to allow flecks of color to shine through.
Foliage and many of the table items are beginning to be blocked in.
further along. I often work front to back. Negative shape with the Cloisonnism outlines allows flexibility for this.
The background drape going in.

The final painting.
Warmth over blue with lemons & figs
40X60                            Acrylic on canvas
Standing with the finished painting. 
Always good to give a feel for it's scale.
A detail.
Another detail. 
No use trying to read the labeling!

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Featured article in Southwest Art magazine.

Just back from a family holiday in the Florida Keys. Wonderful to come home and enjoy my article in the July issue of Southwest Art Magazine. Huge thanks to Kristin Hoerth, Norman Kolpas and all involved!

Buy your copy today! 

Monday, June 4, 2018

Beyond Chroma - Santa Fe show

Here are a series of photographs I took before the opening of my 2 man show in Santa Fe. This has been my fifth show at Ventana Fine Art, hanging with the artist Frank Balaam. Frank paints wonderfully thick impasto paintings of tree foliage with a stunning collideascope of color. I think because of our use of colors, the work hang beautifully together. Each of us with a very different approach and goal, but both with much commonality too.

Ventana is a wonderful gallery with professional staff who are honest, warm and friendly. It's a joy to always visit the town and work together on the show.

There's too many photos to credit all appropriately, but here just a little of the show, focussing mostly on my work. Sorry I'm not able to show it all.

Apricots and Iris framed in yellow

Acrylic on canvas             36X36

Glads & Iris on Orange

30X30 Acrylic on wood
One of Franks paintings.
Indian Yellow     26X26
Papaya & Clementines on purple cloth
22X25    Acrylic
Groupings of flowers on long table
24X18 (each panel)                 Acrylic on panel

Harmony of yellow & green
12X9        Acrylic
Until the last leaf 
18X24                        Acrylic

While in Santa Fe, Frank and I paint in front of the gallery, we both enjoy chatting while we work and welcome interested passers by.

Both these photos show this painting mid way through. Much of the color and paint you can see is just the underpainting stages.


Monday, May 7, 2018

A sneak peak of my Santa Fe show

Not long now, it's getting ever closer; the opening night is on Friday May the 18th. Here's a few more 'sneak peaks' from the show with Ventana Fine art on Canyon Road, #Santa_Fe!
Call for more info. 1-800-7468815
Check out more work on this link -

Papaya & Clementines on purple cloth
22X25                          Acrylic

Arrangement with lemons bathed in reds
30X48                          Acrylic

Shade over water ditch
14X18                          Acrylic

2 cloth series - Groupings of flowers on long table (triptych)
24X18 (each panel)                          Acrylic

Harmony of yellow & green
12X9                          Acrylic

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Point Lobos painting

I love painting at Point Lobos, I try not to count how often I base paintings from it's trees, and kelp filled coves. Driving this and some small still life paintings down to Carmel (CA) tomorrow. Find it at Jones & Terwiliger gallery. Call for more info. 831-6269100

Coastal kelp (Point Lobos NP)
36X24                           Acrylic on panel

#Landscape_painting #Carmel #Point_Lobos

Monday, April 30, 2018

Apricots & Iris

Another painting going in my show in a few weeks with Ventana Fine art on Canyon Road, #Santa_Fe!
Call for more info. 1-800-7468815
Check out more work on this link -

Apricot & Iris framed in yellow
36X36                        Acrylic on canvas

#Ventana_Fine_art #Still_Life