Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The sad loss of a dear friend.

With a heavy heart I have to report on the sad loss of a dear friend. Yes my long term partner in the creation of my painting is nearing it's death....

...That's right, my faithful watercolor pencil is nearing it's end (yes, that's a pun). You see my watercolor pencil out lasts most things, a loose sketch at the beginning of each painting, steers me right before any fumbles or incorrect placement are made. Allowing me to paint with greater confidence and vigor.

A watercolor pencil, so as I begin to work it's marks wash away or disappear beneath layers of paint. The lightest of touches and the smallest of marks has meant this dear friend has seen more paintings than many other materials; the used brushes blunted to stubs, the tubes of paint (too many to count) all have gone, but my ever faithful pencil endured and kept working until the very end...

Rest in peace little pencil.

Probably the final painting for this poor pencil.

...Still on a brighter note I have a brand new pencil ready to go, so who cares! ;-)

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