Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Recently back from my families first vacation to Hawaii. I probably should have done more work while I was away, but instead spent the time snorkeling with my family and enjoying the cocktails.

Only later did I start to think about some of the wonderful flora and fauna Hawaii offered, some of the orchids were really fantastic! This painting was worked on back at the studio, but the over-sized exotic bouquet was originally photographed in a cafe that we lunched in twice. I just loved the expanse of foliage beneath the flowers.

I used local fruits to fill out the composition including the Noni fruit, which is a pretty awful tasting fruit, but there are many health claims to it.

The Hawaiian arrangement
Acrylic on board size: 48X28

Detail of Noni fruit

Anyway, it all made for a great painting and I have subsequently wished I'd spent some time gathering reference materials and paintings while on vacation. Perhaps next time?


  1. Great painting. I really like the blue cloth design. simple and effective. I am very envious of your trip. Alan

  2. Hey that time spent away from the easle can mean better art. Inspiration is gathered when we take a break.
    Great painting.