Monday, August 16, 2010

Painting in Monterey on the 14th

Monterey, CA

Here are a few photos from painting demonstration I did at Gallery i fine art in Cannery row, Monterey on Saturday afternoon.

I'd painted at the gallery before, in the front, but this time I painted in the back of the gallery to entice people in and to give them room to sit and watch. I had one very faithful viewer who stayed with me for the whole afternoon.

I arrived in the gallery with the black 'outlines' blocked in and an under paint wash mostly in red.

Early days...

The painting was mostly completed in the gallery, but I spent a little time the next day (around 2 hours) back in my studio finishing it off. I think my photo of it makes it seem darker than it actually is.

The finished painting - Delphinium, apricot and green vase No2
Acrylic on board Size 20 X 16

I had painted this set up once before about 2 years ago, it's nice to revisit an 'old friend' like this especially when it's being given a new feel and look.

The previous painting - Delphinium, apricot and green vase
Acrylic on board Size 20 X 16


  1. I love the "color plan", too!!!

  2. This is a wonderful post, and I am fascinated by how you developed your painting! I just discovered your work this past weekend at Walt Horton Fine Art in Beaver Creek. I posted a link to you in my newest blog post at

    I look forward to following your work!