Tuesday, November 9, 2010

a triptych

Sunflowers and Lilies on long table
triptych - 30X24 (each panel)

I love painting triptychs and indeed diptychs too. Planning the structuring of the overall piece is so much fun. I try to make each section or panel hold up in it's own right, but still relate to each other. Additionally planning the lines within the painting becomes more interesting, because each panel division serves as a line too.

This is a painting I did last year, but the other day I had a collector considering it and then I thought, "well why not..."

I changed lots of minor things, - the colors inside the lilies, the color of the pineapple foliage bit (what are those bits called?), the lemons and sunflowers (a little), the segmented apple, etc... The end result is much tighter.

The final painting looks great, I love the way with a multi panel painting you can choose how much space to place between each panel as you hang them, to create a very different effect. I frame each separately; though I try to frame them in something contemporary that does not intrude or break the continuity of the three paintings and their relationship together.

a detail of one panel. (I like the way I handled the vase in this)

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  1. excellent work Angus. I love the red backdrop. and it works so well as a tryptich.