Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Latest Still Life paintings

It's been nice to get back to painting.

Easter Lilly with creative curves 
Acrylic on board              24X36
This was an interesting painting to paint. Originally the flower had straight stems and I painted it that way with the flowers stretching straight up, but I realized I wanted a better 'lead in' or 'flow'  to the rest of the picture and this shape of flower wasn't working with the 'landscape' aspect. So I took some creative license and bended the stems around.
Bringing the outside, Inside 
30X48               Acrylic on board
I liked the color scheme of this painting, I took particular attention to getting the color or the background and the curtain on the left the exact hues I wanted. The painting has a nice presence when viewed in the flesh.


  1. Stunnig. Vibrant. Superb. Your break has done you wonders. I like these wide still lifes.