Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Winding through the forest

This is from a couple of weeks ago, I spent a good amount of time on this painting. I wanted to find a nice overall color scheme that moved across the whole forest, but that also provided some variety.  I went in and re-painted differing colors on the ground in the background a number of times till I found the right hues. I also re-established the dark river bank and the distant yellow foliage, before I was happy with the overall piece.

The following week I attempted another woodland painting, with reference material I'd gathered from the same trip, but in the end I decided that painting had failed - one to scrape down and try again... This one however I think worked out. That's painting, you can't be successful all the time!

 Winding through the forest (Big Basin SP, CA)
Acrylic on wood


  1. Lovely. I do enjoy your use of colour.

  2. I love the peaceful feeling of this one. It evokes softer emotions...I love the tones on this one...the colors work off of each other very well. :D