Monday, November 19, 2012


I usually paint in quite a high key range, but sometimes it's great to wallow in some darker hues. I love this rich purple maroon tablecloth and the color bounce of the warm lemons and oranges...Last few still lifes, have all featured some form of fractured or broken chairs in the background. Perhaps it's time I got out the nails and glue and stuck some of them back together! ;-)

It's a difficult painting to photograph this, cameras dont cope well with strong reds next to green hues, and the tonal range is big too. A lot gets lost in those darks, that the eye can enjoy but the camera misses.

'Harmony across the darks'

Acrylic on board

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  1. There really is a lot to enjoy with this one. The tablecloth is very rich looking and I really like the musical motion (for lack of a better term I guess) of the fruit. Now go glue those chairs back together! LOL:)