Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Catching up.

Here's a couple of newish paintings to see in the New Year.  I posted them on facebook, but didn't manage to pin them up here. So here they are now; better late than never (with a few more comments too).

 Fall Fauve color
Size 24X36              Acrylic on board

  Usually I hate those landscape paintings with 'overt' red foliage; but here I just went for it. I channeled those expressionist fauves and went with the red!  I think it worked out pretty well. I love this location near where I live, two fields meet a small stream. Some farmer long ago must have had the foresight to plant a line of trees on either side and the effect with reflections is stunning.


 Resonance on blue
Size 18X24              Acrylic on board

Smaller than much of my work. It's nice to tackle something this size now and again. It allows you to paint faster and quicker. I enjoyed being reserved about the color range. The green flower stems create a strong color bridge for the lemons and pears to work within the color composition. The Oranges lead the eye with their color in a sea of blues.


This one was the 1st fully finished painting of the year, but lots more in the pipe coming soon...... 

Orchids over Persimmons & Apricots on red
Size  44X36          Acrylic on wood

I love balancing the warm table arrangement with cool colors over head, it creates a strong 'ying yang' color contrast, that creates stimulation and play for the eye.

The detail doesn't add much, but gives a feel for how I treat content up close. You can see the under-painted pinks shining through the gaps in the cyan/blue. This makes for a fabulously impactful effect when seen in the flesh!

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