Friday, October 25, 2013


One of the paintings from last weekend in New Mexico at Ventana Fine Art. Reworked the color of Tomatillo when I got home, made them stand out a little more, which created a 'color bridge' or 'stepping stone' from the vase to the table cloth.

Hydrangea with Tomatillo on red
20X16   Acrylic on panel


  1. Hi. I was in Santa Fe last weekend, walked into Ventana Gallery, saw your work on the wall, said out loud to my sister, "I know him!" One of the employees over heard me and said..."You know him? He was here last weekend." I said, I've never actually met him, but, yes, we've been blogger friends for several years. Anyway, loved seeing your work in "person". How funny and great it would have been had I been there the weekend before!! Congratulations of your show.

  2. I really love your work!! Found through Martha Lever as she recently had a workshop with you. I follow her blog. Since high school I have been drawn to art that is slightly outlined and bright colors and a sort of a sectioned or divided look. A few of Charles Demuth's watercolors of apples have the same divided look...I am now realizing what I really love. It takes years of repeatedly noticing what you are drawn to to finally say...maybe that is my style!! Now I must try to do something about it!! I will try soon with a still life of my things to see if it feels as free as it looks! LOVE YOUR WORK!!! Maybe someday I can find a workshop near So Texas! I look forward to more of your wonderful paintings!