Saturday, November 9, 2013

3 Day workshop in Florida

Just returned from a 3 day workshop in Jacksonville Florida with Corse Gallery and Atelier. Just before I flew we had a run of cancellations, rotten luck really, ( a number of poor people with health troubles, very sad).  I was a little worried about numbers, but in the end we had a nice group and the smaller number meant I could really focus on each persons level and help them with their individual concerns.

I don't do many workshops, but I really enjoy teaching and like the chance to share my thoughts and processes. 3 days never seems like enough....

One of the set ups.

Students hard at work.

More talk and demoing of ideas.

A few of the paintings at the end of a day, for an informal critique.

 Close to final painting from the workshop. I have a couple of incredibly minor tweeks still to do, but it's close enough to view. If you look in the photo above this one, you'll see the same painting minus the lemons and some green background color. I felt without the lemons there wasn't quite enough color variety, so I added these citrus to give it extra color punch. 


  1. Very interesting to see you in action. A good post. They all look so good.

  2. Nice post! I like the photos,
    and what a joy to see the ART all around you and your students...
    So Inspiring ( :

  3. Great workshop Angus, thank you. Love the lemons and the green in the background - it really makes everything pop. I'm still dancing around a white jug in my sunflower attempt wondering what colour to paint it...but that's what's called a good problem, right? :)

  4. Angus, just to let you know e-mails with the feedback attached are bouncing back. Maybe check your spam :)

  5. wonderful! It's clear that they all enjoyed it and they all 'got it'!