Saturday, October 11, 2014

Photographing still life subjects

Spent a long day photographing still lifes arrangements. The list is long and time consuming to collect. Everything must be brought together; the fruit, flowers, vases, pots, drapes, cloths, tables and lights.  Who knows what will be needed to create the perfect arrangement. All this work before even the arranging can begin.

Then meticulously I arrange each grouping, attempting to make each different from the last.

 My aim is to create a number of photographs from each session that I can turn into a variety of paintings. I don't want too many paintings from each session, but I want enough shots to feel the time was well spent. Nothing makes my creative juices flow and excites my 'still life' passion like a new photo shoot!

The goal of this rush of activity was to create some really nice reference material for next weeks trip to Santa Fe.  The town hosts an annual 'paint out' event, where artists from a variety of galleries come out and paint!  #Ventana_Fine_Art, has a group show opening on the Friday the 17th, and the 'Paint out' event is on the Saturday. Looking forward to visiting beautiful Santa Fe again, seeing friends, gallery staff and artists! Tel (800) 746-8815 for more info.

I think I got shots that will work really well, looking forward to getting cracking - Now the fun begins!


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    1. Thanks for sharing this part of the process that is often not talked about too much! (I removed my first comment because of too many "spell checker" errors on my mobile device - sorry for the confusion!)