Monday, March 9, 2015

Painting Elephants... and fruit

Here's a painting for the Elephant lovers amongst you, or perhaps the lovers of tangerines? The shot seems a little contrasty here, but the original painting isn't quite so harsh.

The elephants in the patterned table cloth were fun to paint; their greens transitioning between the overall blues and purples, through to the yellows and oranges of the tangerines. I kept a strong tonal range, with white flowers next to the deep rich colors in the cherries and the background. I also wanted to push some strong perspective shifts in this painting. So I have a dramatic change of the perspective with the vase on the right compared to the overall 'top down' view.  Overall I think it works well.

Elephants and Tangerines on blue
24X24  Acrylic on wood

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