Friday, July 31, 2015

Small paintings and studies

Recently I've been working on a number of small studies and paintings. It's an interesting test for me, working small. I'm usually looking for large, loose free strokes with a big brush feel, that has space to breathe around the subjects; working in the confines of a smaller composition and canvas can prove challenging.

Subject matter needs to be simplified to it's bare essence, and content needs to be reduced (one of two elements, rather than a table full of subjects). Additionally the subject needs to be considered as 'small enough' to work within the format, e.g. Iris flowers are too large and elegant for these kind of sizes.

Small bouquet & lemons over blue
12X16              Acrylic on panel

A small grouping of lemons
12X12               Acrylic on panel

Study - Tangerine greens
12X9                  Acrylic on panel

Poppies, apricots and cherries
12X12                   Acrylic on panel

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