Thursday, April 14, 2016

Painting workshop in Nashville

Last week I spent most of the week in Nashville, TN teaching a workshop. It was my first time to that part of the country,  so I was looking forward to exploring Tennessee.
I teach about one workshop a year, focusing the rest of my efforts on paintings and shows. I really enjoy to teach, but boy, is it exhausting but so much fun meeting so many other talented artists and learning their stories and art! The focus is very different; teaching and sharing methods, compared to a very insular journey of self expression. To this I feel my balance is right in keeping the teaching opportunities to a minimum; to that end they often fill quickly, and this session was at maximum capacity.

The night before the workshop we held a demonstration evening. I always enjoy that process, many artists I know hate to paint in front of an audience, but for me I seem to enjoy the attention? :-)

The demonstration lasted about 2 hours and I think it went well despite some confusion, on which way the light was hitting my subject. At times I painted the shadow falling to the right, while on other objects, the light hit from another direction!  Sometimes the talent of talking and painting simultaneously, shuts down a few of my cognitive abilities. In truth it probably made for good comedy, ultimately I fixed the light source problem and and I think the demo painting turned out well.

the final demo night painting

The following three days were spent working with each student, teaching methods that I employ when tackling painting subjects; as well as getting to know their styles, strengths & weaknesses. I think they all did great!   During the workshop we also had time for some little exercises which everyone seemed to enjoy.

Thanks to Warehouse 521, in Nashville TN, for hosting a great event !

the class

Another workshop is scheduled in November in Michigan, and I look forward to that, you can find out a little more here,  
and book a place at this site
or tel. 231-9419488.

 studying our color tests

 demo'ing again

 some of the class (all working harder than me)

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