Sunday, December 3, 2017

Baltimore Museum of art, and a solo show in Richmond Virginia

Sorry I've been slow to update this post. At the beginning of November I traveled to see friends in Baltimore. Had a great day in the Baltimore Museum of art. Really nice collection with a good mix of art. Here's a slightly random set of photos, though I remember they had a lovely Klimt landscape which I should have photographed, but it wouldn't have done it justice.

I then drove down to Richmond Virginia, for my show opening with Chasen Galleries. After many years in the same location in Carytown, they have just moved (Just a few blocks away).  My solo show also served as their 'official' opening. I had about 24 paintings in the show, spread out across the 1st floor, nestled amongst some beautiful glass sculptures. It's a lovely welcoming new space and in a nice location.

Here I am with Andrew Chasen, the gallery owner. We've been working together for almost 9 years!

A shot from the opening evening. There was a nice steady stream of people and a number of long time collectors, who I hadn't previously met.

The next day I painted a little in the gallery.
As usual, I planned and begun the painting in my studio in California, I think took it with me and completed much of the painting on site. I then returned back to home to complete it (see below).

Pears, Lemons & Watermelon on Orange table  
12X24                             Acrylic on panel


It was nice to visit Virginia in the fall. Wonderful tree colors and Richmond was a lovely town to visit. I visited a number of parks and stretches of wood land, sketching a little and gathering reference material. I wouldn't be surprised if there wasn't a painting or two in the future, based on these locals.

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