Monday, April 25, 2011

Composing new arrangements

The Easter Lillies in the stores inspired me to compose some fresh photographic reference for some new paintings.  I thought I'd compose outside, might make for some interesting backgrounds, though the lighting was a little flatter than I'd have liked.

My eldest son, was home from school (mildly) sick. He helped out, though he also played with some toy cars and kept sneaking them in to my compositions! :-)

One of the best parts, at the end of an intensive photo shoot, is eating the proceeds - though the flowers don't taste that good!


  1. Interesting seeing the set-up. I use photo reference for so much of my traveling pieces, landscapes, that I try to do my still lifes from life. Fun to see your son!

  2. LOL! Your boy is so cute!!! Looks like it was a nice day for both of you!

  3. Cute kid. I am opposed to drawing boring things like draping fabrics and cloth. Good subject matter, though. Lots of color.