Thursday, April 14, 2011

Rebuilding, Reinventing, Rejuvenating

Following the theme from a few weeks ago, when I took a new vase of flowers and placed it in an old painting with a new color theme; I decided to take it one step further. Altering everything, taking elements from other paintings, and combining them with color schemes from another painting and finally designing them in their own unique 'fabricated' composition.

First, I took my vase of Irises, which were mixed in color and turned them all white. I then placed them in a color scheme and design based from this painting (below).

 Clematis, Star fruit and limes on white 
Size 24X36      Acrylic on board

I then took elements/objects from this painting below and repositioned them within the new painting.

 Tall arrangement with tangerines and green vase 
Size 44X30       Acrylic on board

The end result of this amalgamation is dramatic.

Irises with Purple & Gold 
Size 24X36          Acrylic on board


  1. And saves you buying flowers. ! Muy Bien !!

  2. Funny comment about buying the flowers! Interesting to see how you came up with this one. Very nice work!