Monday, May 30, 2011

Painting in the deep dark woods

Well, not really deep dark woods.... more nice leafy ones near my home called Castle Rock SP.

I thought I'd throw up a post before I go on holiday for a number of weeks. 

I painted one of these a good while ago and since I've been enjoying painting Plein air and landscapes I thought I'd revist some old favorite locations. I love painting the complexity of a forest in a simpler Alla prima type style.

Light through rocks and trees (Castle Rock SP)
The older painting (two years ago approx.)
It's a great park, nice woodland with these fantastic boulders, and rocks.

Through the woods (Castle Rock SP)
On location, probably a very similar spot to the 1st.

Flowing through the wood
Did some quick sketches for this in the field, but painted later in the studio. The original seems to hold a little more depth and resonance that the photograph suggests, I wonder why?  I really pushed the colors around in this rendering responding to the warmth in the rocks in a dramatic way. I consciously kept some areas very contemporary in approach. I like the Fauvism feel to this painting with the palette choices; it feels like a bridge between my Still Life paintings and some of my landscapes....Something to explore perhaps?


  1. There great. I can see your underpainting like you do in the still lifes, Really intersting to look at . A true Colourist .

  2. Love, love, LOVE them!!! Fantastic! Hope to see more of these!