Friday, January 13, 2012


Sorry, these days I get so used to posting on facebook that sometimes I forget to put something interesting up here too.

The other week I posted this picture of my new studio set up. I got an ipad for Christmas, so I mounted it on a poseable arm next to my easel. I can use it to bring up reference photos, or do digital color plan sketches on it (something that I find very useful). I'm also able to play music wirelessly to a speaker on other side of the room, so it's pretty cool.   The downside of course is that I can also check my email really easily, so I'll have to be strong and avoid the temptation.

Ploughed field under Californian sun - CA
24X36                     Acrylic on board
This painting is from an area really near where I live, this valley yields a lot of paintings for me, and it's beautiful considering it's so near to suburbia. 


  1. Thats lovely Angus.. I could look at that for hours. ...Ploughed Field. Very Nice.

  2. Beautiful works!! I love the i-Pad and especially the idea of using it to sort out colour choices - think I need one of those!!