Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year

At the end of the year I tend to think about the year ahead, and set challenges for myself within in my art career; but I also enjoy looking back over the year at the body of work I have created, and evaluating different paintings. Here's a short little list of some of my own personal favorites!

Hydrangea with circular fruit
36 X36                  Acrylic on canvas
...And the award goes too...Gosh how does one pick a favorite amongst 'my children'! I produced less still life paintings, because of a broadening of subject matters (i.e. I painted a lot more landscapes this year). Despite this there still seemed to be a stunning selection and as ever a difficult choice. In the end I think this is my favorite, the circular motion of that table, combined with the fruits and the palette; well it just wins me over!

This year I painted most still life paintings of tulips! It always surprises me that each year it seems to be something different. Perhaps it's a subconscious decision, that helps me not have too many paintings of any one flower type?

Goats on Green
36X24        Acrylic on board 
In the summer I painted a few goat paintings, and broke free from my usual style to have some fun with form and color. This painting was the first of those, and I felt compelled to include it here since I love this technique and approach to color and subject.

Red Pinnacle Crags (above Bear Gluch Resevoir)
size: 8X10   Acrylic on board
I do very few small paintings, enjoying the more physical and visceral challenges of a large canvas. But in the hands of an expert a small painting can be pure 'miniature perfection'. I'm not quite in that league, but I really enjoyed this little one from Pinnacles National Park, capturing some of those spiky weathered volcanic rock formations, amongst the chaparral.

Sunshine on Big Sur (California)
Size:  24X36     Acrylic on board

Well these are personal choices; and so I picked a recent one because in this painting I can see ideas and methods I wish to explore in future paintings. The inclusion of the near follage, portrayed with a drawing technique is something I wanted to dabble further with. Perhaps also incorporating the stronger line work that has become the signature of my Still life paintings? I guess that means tune in to 2012 and see what comes next....


  1. Happy New Year to you! I love the goats and the little one of Pinnacle Peaks.

  2. And all very distinctly Angus paintings with that underpainting Scottish Colourist feel.
    I love them

  3. I love the rich colors in your paintings and look forward to seeing what direction 2012 takes you. I especially love the geometrical feel of the first painting, and the Big Sur landscape in the last. Thanks for sharing your choices!