Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Glad to be painting Glads

Here's last weeks painting of Gladioli. Like irises I love the tallness of their stems so I tried to  expand this feeling within the painting. This was achieved with a careful eye to composition and viewpoint angle. The 3/4 POV angle at first gives you the feel of looking down onto the table,  the long vase and stems are then subtly lenghtened by presenting the painting from this view point. I also ran one of my 'lines of dissection', as a long verticle line down the right edge of the painting, this subliminanlly makes the canvas seem narrower and taller;  thus it further elongates the flowers.

I chose to mingle a palette of warmth with greens, using the yellows to bridge the gap within the color structure, while also bringing warmth and light to the painting.

Gladioli and Pomegranates.
Acrylic on board

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