Wednesday, March 13, 2013

smaller = quicker

Used this week to work on a couple of slightly smaller paintings. It's nice to occasionally scale down a little in size. Usually I like nothing better than tackling larger canvases, and I often believe my best work is to be found there. But a smaller size is refreshing change and it allows you compose a simpler composition which in turn can be produced faster. This added speed can give a spontaneity and freshness to the work - very alla prima!  Additionally, in cases there are subjects that just work better in a smaller size. For example doing a painting like "Outdoor Papaya & Melon', a study of just fruit is highly effective in these sizes, but it can be hard to make that work in a bigger scale.

Outdoor Cyclamen with pears and lemons 
Acrylic on board

Outdoor Papaya and Melon
Acrylic on wood

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  1. Hi Angus,
    I have just discovered you lovely blog. I just love the original style of your paintings. Great colours and very joyful!