Monday, March 31, 2014

Seascapes and still lifes

Forgive me avid blog readers, I've been slow to post up some of my latest pictures.... So here I am, catching up with a bumper post!

'tulips bathed with light' 
Acrylic on panel                   16X20
Really like the colors and brush work in this one. I like the abstract cloud like patterns in the background, they create a nice flow through the image. 

 Colors of the coast reprized
Acrylic on Panel                     18X24
Using a warm color for distant hills shouldn't work with a cool ocean in the foreground. But somehow it holds together.

 Around the rocks 
Acrylic on canvas                       18X36
I originally painted this in 2012. I then went in the following year and beefed up the vegetation on the right to balance better with the central rocks. Just last week I went back again and tweaked a few things. Definitely done now!

 sheltering cove 
Acrylic on wood            14X24  
Really like this little study, nice confident brush work and good color choices. May work this to a larger painting in the future. I feel it could be effective. 

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