Friday, April 11, 2014

Energy and color

This painting is about energy and color. I see the style of it as an extension of my more usual colorist
style, however it has a clear modernist/contemporary aesthetic and mood. I enjoy painting in this style, with bold brush strokes and irregular expressionist color passages through the canvas. It gives the subject so much life and energy.

Painting animals is almost always fun, and dog portraits are great, (though I tend to find the tongue thing a bit of problem). Finding a moment when the mouth is closed avoids that, and there's still so much life and expression in a dogs face around the eyes, ears and brow.

 'Samuel after the goats' 
Acrylic on panel           24X18

The painting color themes were pulled from some goat paintings I did a couple of years ago (hence the title). Here's the old blog post of those, for those who are interested? -


  1. So cute! Really a lovely painting. I have no artistic talent whatsoever so I admire artists.