Friday, December 19, 2014

Moonlight and the sun - A couple of contrasting landscapes

Here's a couple of recently finished landscape paintings. Though both are featuring trees, they couldn't be more different in atmosphere, and time of day...

Under the shade of the oak
Acrylic on wood      28X36

The first of these, is a 'classic' Californian view with an oak in the foreground and strong over head sun. The day I took my original notes and reference it was a little cooler than normal, but still I was appreciative of the shade the tree offered.

The foreground and tree was a joy to paint, but the background took more time. I tried a few different color versions of receding hills, before settling on this. Despite it's alla prima appearance, the painting was slow to grow to completion, and was painted gradually over many months.

Moonlit colors
Acrylic on wood      22X34

'Moonlit colors' was a great challenge, it had been years since I had attempted a night scene, but one evening when the moon was full and strong I felt compelled to take notes on the colors and trees. I then attempted to recreate the ambiance of the scene in my studio days later. I enjoy the process of painting from memory, I feel it often breeds more heartfelt creative work.

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