Thursday, December 11, 2014

Rainmonds Staprans inspiration

Late in the summer I experimented with some ideas from looking at Rainmonds Staprans work. I find his work to be immensely exciting!

 A R. Staprans painting
Few artists are able to achieve the balance between 'color-field' and 'form' (or 'content') as well as him.  He also composes his frame in a very modern style; with focal elements placed in what would traditionally be thought of as poor or bad locations. Staprans never falters in this,  his composition choices never appear ill chosen, and always exemplary. (the images of his work I've shown here are maybe not the best examples of this, but a quick google search will give you many examples). 

For further study of the artists work, I would also recommend the book 'Raimonds Staprans - Art of tranquility and turbulence' by Karlstrom.
 A R. Staprans painting

I wanted to take a little flavor of Staprans work, and fold it into my more usual compositional and color choices of my still lifes.  To tease the edges of my work and it's usual conformity. In occasionally, doing this sort of thing, I feel it's a good way to come to terms with your work and where it's growing too. Maybe to resolve in your mind a direction that may work, or may not?   At any rate here are the fruits from that labor...

Stargazing with a hint of Staprans
30X30                 Acrylic on canvas



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