Tuesday, January 12, 2016

First of the 2016 paintings using 'the golden ration'

Finished the first few paintings of 2016. It's always nice to get a few under the belt.  I'm pretty sure I'm not going back to this one; but the other few I may have a few small adjustments to make. So thought I'd just post this up for now.... More later I promise.

Pears, Plums & Watermelon with Cyclamen
24X18            Acrylic on panel

I always enjoy working to this circular design, you can create a little bit of the golden ration about it with a spiral like circular edge of the table, really leading the eye around the composition. It's not overly emphasized, but there subtly. Visuals below to show what I mean. I'm not going to spend time here explaining the benefits and pitfalls of composition with 'the golden ratio'. (It would just take too long). I simply wanted to illustrate that in this case, I'd used it a little.

The golden ratio

The 'ratio' placed over artwork.



  1. I still have my notes from my design class in art school where I learned this for the first time. I pull them out for my students all the time. Love the painting!

  2. Love the painting and the art lesson too, its always good to be reminded!!