Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Years in the making

I try to paint quickly, well in truth what I really do is try to give the illusion and feeling of quick painting. In reality a hug amount of time, thought, and planning goes into each painting.  Most take between one to two weeks to complete; even then I'll sometimes adjust a painting in some minor way weeks later. It may be a complete re-toning of a major element within the painting, but more often than not it's a tiny blob of paint here or there with a small brush. Tiny changes that in truth only the artist notices but yet seem crucial to the completion of the painting.

 Rhododendron and fruit on dragon fish cloth
24X36           Acrylic on panel

You may have seen this before? It's been a while in the making. Even though it was 'finished' a number of years ago, I found myself making little adjustments every 10 months or so, and finishing it all over again. It's hard to remember all these changes, I know at one time the vase was a different color, as was the table/box the arrangement sits on. There has also been a myriad of minor adjustments to flower and foliage, each with sizable breaks in-between... Sometimes a painting just takes time to grow.

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