Saturday, August 28, 2010

smaller paintings

Have been painting a run of smaller paintings. Enjoying the process of working faster and simultaneously on a few at one time. I frame these in a different style to my larger works, they go in a clean cut float frame that has a simple maple finish. I think this gives them a nice contemporary or modern feel.

Bread, Papaya and tangerines
12 X 24 Acrylic on board

Study of beets.
8 X 10 Acrylic on board

Helianthus with plums
11 x 14 Acrylic on board

lemons, plums and blue vase
9 X 10 Acrylic on board

Blessing or a Curse?

my 'thinking or contemplation chair'

Like many painters I'm a huge proponent of painting standing up. I tend to feel as a practice, it helps keep the art energetic and loose. However, a 'thinking chair' set back from the easel can be an invaluable tool. I use mine a lot; while taking a moment to step back and break from the painting, an opportunity to contemplate how the work is going and where it needs to go next.

I have to say however I'm guilty of having a chair that's perhaps a little too comfy. Last few days I've been spending too much time in it and not enough time at the easel!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Painting in Monterey on the 14th

Monterey, CA

Here are a few photos from painting demonstration I did at Gallery i fine art in Cannery row, Monterey on Saturday afternoon.

I'd painted at the gallery before, in the front, but this time I painted in the back of the gallery to entice people in and to give them room to sit and watch. I had one very faithful viewer who stayed with me for the whole afternoon.

I arrived in the gallery with the black 'outlines' blocked in and an under paint wash mostly in red.

Early days...

The painting was mostly completed in the gallery, but I spent a little time the next day (around 2 hours) back in my studio finishing it off. I think my photo of it makes it seem darker than it actually is.

The finished painting - Delphinium, apricot and green vase No2
Acrylic on board Size 20 X 16

I had painted this set up once before about 2 years ago, it's nice to revisit an 'old friend' like this especially when it's being given a new feel and look.

The previous painting - Delphinium, apricot and green vase
Acrylic on board Size 20 X 16

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Helianthus on orange
Acrylic on board Size: 29.5 X 24

I've been doing a few landscapes in oil recently. I tend to do these with patches of color, so this has started to show up in the Acrylic Still life painting, note the 'blotchy' background and table cloth. I also do small color outlines within the blotches - little brush strokes of similar colors. Though I'm not sure these are showing up in the photos.