Sunday, April 28, 2013

A favorite 'bird' table cloth

This painting that I completed last week features one of my favorite table cloths. I've painted it many times before and in a range of colors. Here I turned it's 'cerulean sun faded blue' color into a warm orange. The regimented batik print of the birds somehow never fails to disappoint for me, creating depth and interest to the material and in turn the painting. And they're so fun to paint!

I set everything off from the colors of this tablecloth with the lemons. The red drape in the background further pushing everything warm within the painting. The coolness of the blue vase off sets this feel, but balances well with flecks of blue under painting, dotted around the image and the cool blue/yellow gray along the top.

Poppies and Lemons on bird cloth
24X36             Acrylic on board

Friday, April 5, 2013

New representation in Santa Fe

Pleased to announce new representation in Santa Fe New Mexico!  Ventana Fine Art on Santa Fe's famous Canyon Rd. Visit the gallery to enjoy the paintings.