Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Bluefish Cove, California

Some Californian coastal cliffs for New Mexico! One of my landscape paintings going into my two man show in Santa Fe next month. Over the coming weeks I'll post more works.

Call or visit #Ventana_Fine_art for more info. 1-800-746-8815 ‪‪

 Winter Morning - Overlooking Bluefish Cove
36X24                  Acrylic on panel

Thursday, April 20, 2017

New paintings in Carmel

One of three paintings I'm delivering to New Masters Gallery in beautiful Carmel CA tomorrow! Drop by of contact the gallery for more info. tel( 831) 625-1511

Harmony (oranges & cherries on purple cloth)
46X30                             Acrylic on wood

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Re work, Re imagining, Re finish!

It's common to reach the end of a painting and need to let it sit for a few days, to a week, before I can ascertain if it's completed done. Often times I find myself making small adjustments to these nearly finished paintings. Reaching that point where you feel a painting to be complete, can be tricky. A good number of years ago it was clearer to me; I painted faster and never looked back. However in recent times I have gained great pleasure in reevaluating a painting that I viewed as complete and giving it a little adjustment. Sometimes these paintings I have stored for a year or two, before revisiting.

 Sometimes this process reminds me of giving a room a new breath of energy by moving the furniture around. Some have ask if these adjustments are necessary, and that's tricky and ultimately a personal viewpoint. I would not argue that either painting (old or new) was finished, better or worse. But for me it reaffirms my affection for the painting; the process of applying a new or current idea, to an older painting, is exciting. In short, it breathes new life into the work, even if I'm the only who sees it!

I reworked both these paintings last week. They came from last years paintings, and both changed, by becoming a little more subtle...

The 'new'
Peruvian Lilies & Delphinium over Purple & Violet
24X36                                    Acrylic on panel

The 'old'
This painting worked, but felt a little cool. I wanted to keep everything unified and close in colors, so I adjusted the tablecloth to a yellowish white. Internationally I left parts of the original color shine through to give the effect of a loosely painted tablecloth design. I then lightly glazed the background floor to separate it from the tablecloth. The end result I think has elevated this work with a lot of nuance and subtlety in color, over the original drama of the cyan tone.

The 'new'
Lemons, Poms & Cyclamen over tribal drape
22X22                              Acrylic on wood 

The 'old'

The power of the background design felt too impactful, when the focus needed to be on the flowers and table. I toned the drape design into light yellow/greens, which unified the color design of the overall painting, and brought the focus to where it belonged. For the observant amongst you, you may also notice I altered the cut Pomegranate a little, and adjusted the line of the table, (where it meets the purple vase/cup).