Sunday, July 7, 2013

Southwest Art Magazine Ad

Here's a scan of the AD that features in this months Southwest Art Magazine, featuring my work with Ventana fine art gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico tel (505) 983-8815 ( ). If you find yourself in the neighborhood stop by?  Failing that find yourself a copy of the magazine!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The four year project - post 3

Even though I'm not quite there with the faces, I made a decision to get most of the painting keyed in, to get  a feel for the overall tone and color. Everything was pretty cleanly blocked in, I imagine over time some colors will be adjusted, for example I see my standing sons shorts as slightly darker and more muted and perhaps his shirt a little lighter? But this is a great base to start from and it gives me a good feel for the overall painting and it's tonal changes.

I think the back walls looking pretty good and the colors of the chair are where i want them to be. There's a nice warmth in the painting and I think I can afford to key back the strenght of the color of my eldests orange shirt if I want.  I should start on the hair soon and the picture frame on the right, since these items will provide the darkest colors within the painting and it's color plan.

I've really been enjoying the rich 'gloop' of oils, it's hard to get brush strokes like this with Acrylic.