Sunday, May 30, 2010

Dragon/fish patterned cloth

Been painting these nice Rhododendron on this fantastic patterned table cloth. Though in both paintings I did find myself fiddling rather with the tablecloth design, trying to find the right level of complexity and correct amount of contrast within the design, without being overpowering.

Rhododendron, mangos and limes on dragon/fish cloth
24X18 Acrylic on board

Rhododendron and fruit on dragon/fish cloth
24X36 Acrylic on board

Monday, May 24, 2010

A recent commission

This commission was finished recently. The planned painting was 40X55, painted on canvas.

Originally I supplied a few color plans, to guidelines supplied by the collector (the Dieters), the image below was thier chosen color design.

The Dieters had specific colors in mind for the work, because they wanted it to take pride and place in a new room extension of their home.

The painting after initial lines are marked out and some under painting.

Usually I paint the flower foliage pretty early on, but in this case it came later. A key reason for this was the Dieters had requested some 'color magic'. They'd chosen a color plan with primarily cool colors, however they were concerned the final painting shouldn't be too cold. In short, they wanted it to be a warm, cool colored painting - no small task. For that reason I established the correct major background tones first and when I came to the greens of the foliage I took special care to keep them in the right ranges. I also used a lot of the warm under painting, allowing it to poke through. All of these things helped warm the painting up.

The final painting.

This weekend I finally met the Dieter family at Gallery i fine art (Monterey, CA) and they saw the painting for the first time. They loved it, (always good)!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Painting demonstration

Here are a few photos from my afternoon painting on Saturday in Gallery i fine art in Monterey, CA.

I arrived at the gallery with the outlines of the initial painting prepared and went from there.
In the gallery.

Blocking in the color as quickly as possible, to create a feel for the work. I always feel that on location you need to get the flavor of the work as fast as you can, to entice watchers and let people see how you plan to progress.

A shameful example of a disorganized palette. I've never been able to embrace a well laid out palette despite how many other artists feel about this; thus, I've developed a thick skin.
A few of my works hanging in the gallery.
People watching as I get fiddly!
Always time for a photo moment!

Getting there.
The finished painting - Snapdragons and oranges with blue drape - 36X24.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

been sluggish

Sorry, I've been sluggish. Not at painting, but at posting on the blog. If you want to see a few new paintings, head over to my facebook page, just click the link on the left.

More soon'ish......