Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Workshop in Traverse City, MI

Have just returned from teaching my workshop in Traverse city, Michigan. Sounds crazy holding a workshop in North MI in late Nov, but the weather really wasn't too bad. It was held at the Crooked tree art center in town and I met some wonderful and talented artists, at the event.

The night before I gave a talk about my art, it's process, my influences and more. I think in the end I rambled on for almost an hour, which is pretty impressive. Who knew I had so much to say about flowers and fruit? Of course when you get into my career history and influences I can pad this thing out!

 Lake Michigan, looking cold
 One of my workshop arrangements, I see a painting of this in my future.
 A few of classes color exercises, great fun and good colors.
My demo piece, I'll post a better photo of it soon.

I'm always really bad at remembering to take photos at these things, so I've only a few photos to share at the moment. Who knows, I may be fortunate enough to find some from students who attended? If I do, I will try to add them.

Thanks to all involved, couldn't have done it without you, ( you know who you are): Also thanks to all the students who attended, you we're a great and talented group!