Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Tulips and Papaya, a well travelled painting

Just finished this painting, it was started about 6 weeks ago, then shipped to Santa Fe, so I could paint outside the gallery for a couple of days (during my show). I got it a long way along in New Mexico, but shipped it home to my studio to make final adjustments and unification.

Tulips & Papaya on blue cloth
24X33                  Acrylic on panel

A common aspect of location or plein air painting for me is that I work as quickly and consistently as possible. One product of this is that I'll attempt to be as versatile as possible with one brush (minimizing my Acrylic clean up). This in-turn can produce very regulated brush work; I try to use this aspect to my advantage, creating some textural rhythm of strokes and mark making.

 A detail

Another detail showing some brush work on the table cloth

 An in progress shot from Santa fe