Monday, May 7, 2018

A sneak peak of my Santa Fe show

Not long now, it's getting ever closer; the opening night is on Friday May the 18th. Here's a few more 'sneak peaks' from the show with Ventana Fine art on Canyon Road, #Santa_Fe!
Call for more info. 1-800-7468815
Check out more work on this link -

Papaya & Clementines on purple cloth
22X25                          Acrylic

Arrangement with lemons bathed in reds
30X48                          Acrylic

Shade over water ditch
14X18                          Acrylic

2 cloth series - Groupings of flowers on long table (triptych)
24X18 (each panel)                          Acrylic

Harmony of yellow & green
12X9                          Acrylic

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Point Lobos painting

I love painting at Point Lobos, I try not to count how often I base paintings from it's trees, and kelp filled coves. Driving this and some small still life paintings down to Carmel (CA) tomorrow. Find it at Jones & Terwiliger gallery. Call for more info. 831-6269100

Coastal kelp (Point Lobos NP)
36X24                           Acrylic on panel

#Landscape_painting #Carmel #Point_Lobos