Sunday, February 14, 2016

Painting Calla Lillies

I do like Calla Lilies, there's something about their elegance of form, the simplicity of them.

I've been working away on lots of things, but only time to share this one with you. It took a while to come together, I really enjoyed that bold stripped cloth in the background. It's a little Zebra like in stripes, but it gives the painting so much drama!

Many more soon....

 Calla Lily and tangerines over striped drape
36X18  Acrylic on panel

Monday, February 1, 2016

A background of yellow

Here's two recent paintings; they make a great pair tonally, and of course their size and type of content. I wanted to keep similar color themes within each painting, I find the rich yellows make such a wonderful backdrop to both paintings. It creates wonderful compliments with the blues and harmonies with warm tones of orange and red.

 Pears, Plums & Watermelon with Cyclamen
24X18           Acrylic on panel

Bellflowers and pears over fish cloth in red
24X18           Acrylic on panel

I'm sure there will be more paintings coming soon with this dramatic fish designed print...