Wednesday, May 15, 2013


 Tulips, Oranges and limes over blue
24X36            Acrylic on board

Monday, May 6, 2013

lavender painting

Sometimes you can't help but feel excited when you begin and painting, and this was one of those. I painted after a 2 week vacation and I was energized to be back in my studio. I always get a kick out of tackling these big square paintings and if they work they're a thrill to do.

This photo shows the early stages of under painting. To the right of my easel is my Ipad. On this I have my color plan and reference photos that I'm working from.

It had been years since I'd painted lavender and at this time of year it looks so good in my garden I felt compelled to do it, the tulips laid on the table cloth added so much interest and direction for the eye.

I finished it after about 2 weeks, but then realized I wanted to manipulate the red drape behind the lavender. A small change, but a strong improvement.

The first time I finished it .
(spot the difference)

Arrangement of six tulips
Acrylic on wood

(detail)  Sometimes seeing a detail really shows the color.