Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Copy Commissions

I received two commissions in the space of a month from my gallery in Virginia (Chasen Galleries, tel (804) 204-1048). What made this unusual, is that both collectors wished to commission copies of  existing paintings that were in the gallery; but at a slightly different size.

I really enjoy painting commissions. In many ways it brings you closer to the collector, knowing that you're working on a painting that truly fulfills the wishes of the individual. From time to time the collector falls in love with a painting that's already sold, and I'm more than happy to recreate the paintings as faithfully as I'm able.

What made these commissions a little more challenging was the small changes in size. In each, I slightly stretched the original subject. And in the case of the still life painting I modified minimal the table design at the the base of the painting. Re designing the drawers and bringing in the edge of the table. The change, helped frame the base of the painting a little in it's new size. Drawing the eye back to the focal points on the table. 

Still sheltering cove
24X36             Acrylic on panel

Sheltering cove (the original painting, commission was based on)
14X24               Acrylic on panel

Harmony across the darks (the original painting, commission was based on)
36X24              Acrylic on panel

Commission of Harmony
46X30                  Acrylic on wood