Thursday, October 29, 2015

A well travelled painting!

Finished up the painting that I began in my studio, and then took to Santa Fe to paint on location for a couple of days at my gallery (Ventana Fine Art), during the Paint Out festival. I then returned once more to my studio, to put the final touches to it.  It's a well travelled painting!

When working on a painting over a long period of time it can be tough to keep the energy up, and not give the painting an over worked aesthetic.  This painting has a loose energy to it, giving the impression it was painted quickly, with passion, and in the moment. The reality, of course, is it took considerably longer. I try to keep strokes confident and carefully placed, keeping it's frenetic energetic feel; careful planning, I find is also an important factor to maintain.

Tangerines & Peonies on Poets desk
24X32                   Acrylic on panel

Monday, October 19, 2015

Returning from Santa Fe's 'Paint Out'

Here are a few images of me working away during the event. The painting I worked on isn't quite finished, but as soon as it is I'll post it up. The festival was as fun as ever, at one point I was filmed for the internet by some nice guys for something called 'Alla Prima Live'.  It went out live, so I'm not sure if it's discover-able on the internet? I looked but couldn't find it.

Stupidly, I was so busy painting. I neglected to photograph the show, crowds or even the parade - what was I thinking!

 in progress.
I need to fix my shade umbrella!

in amongst the sculptures

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Santa Fe Paint Out Festival

This Saturday (17th Oct) the town of Santa Fe (NM), holds it's 'Paint Out' festival. Many of the galleries throughout the town encourage their artists to paint in or around the gallery. It's a huge event and a great opportunity to meet artists and see them at work.

My gallery (Ventana Fine Art) will be holding a group show and the opening night is on the Friday (16th). If you're in the area this weekend it's a must for art lovers and the curious...

Call the gallery for more info. 1-800-746-8815 ‪#‎Santa_fe‬ ‪#‎Ventana_fine_art‬
Check out more of the pieces featured, -

Here's a few of pictures of previous years, none of the inside, or the crowds.  Perhaps this year I'll rectify that?

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

New Masters Gallery, Carmel Reopening

 This Friday, if you're in the Carmel (CA) area, stop on by for a ribbon cutting ceremony, at New Masters Galleries new location.

The fire is a distant memory and the gallery has opened it's doors just down the street!   October 16th from 4pm-7pm. Dolores between 5th & 6th,
 tel (831) 625-1511 for more info. ‪#‎Carmel‬ ‪#‎New_Masters_Gallery‬

Draped across the table 
34X34         Acrylic on wood