Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Small Sunflowers

'Sunflowers, jug & lemons on blues' 
20X16                    Acrylic on panel

Here's a little Sunflower painting I painted for my mother, when she visited recently. Her eye had been caught by a painting I'd completed in 2013, which had long since sold.

The original, older painting -
 'Sunflowers roses and plums' 24X18

I told her I could paint something similar when she visited. Together, we adapted many elements in the painting including (of course) the color; but the impetus and the sunflowers inspiration remained faithful to the original idea.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Draped across the table

A recent finished painting. I do like working with a square format, it always feels like an unusual shape to work within; and when it works, it has a strong presence to it!

 Draped across the table
34X34             Acrylic on wood

I really like some of the background color changes in the drape and the tones in the watermelon, so I added a couple of details here for you to enjoy.



Saturday, April 11, 2015

A Singluar Vision - Solo Show in Colorado

I've been slow to post a few pictures from my solo show in Basalt, Colorado (sorry there's been lots going on). It was titled 'A Singular Vision' and ran from March 10th to April 10th, with the opening reception on the Friday the 13th. Though as it turned out it wasn't as ominous or unlucky as the date suggested....

I got into Aspen a few days early and enjoyed walking and skiing in the area. It had been a number of years since I'd traveled to the state, and it was nice to spend sometime in the beautiful area again.

The Ann Korologos Gallery is a really beautiful gallery in a charming town that's just down the road from Aspen. The gallery staff had done a fantastic job of both hanging the works and promoting the show. I was on local radio & television (link here for the TV). The gallery also ran various advertizements in newspapers, journals and American Art Collector magazine.

The show had a nice selection of works in various sizes, with about half landscapes, and half Still lifes. I took most of these pictures before the opening night, and the gallery supplied some from the opening evening. The reception night had a nice steady stream of people, never mobbed or over crowded, but slow and steady; it was a fun evening and a good show.

Call the ‪‎Ann Korologos Gallery‬ for more information, on tel. 970-927-9668

 Campanula and Jug on Long Table
Acrylic on wood 

 Following the path
18X24             Oil on panel

 Tulips bathed with light
16X20                    Acrylic on panel

Tulips & Papaya with blue 
30X30          Acrylic on Canvas