Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Last years, most painted...

At the end of a year, I like to look back and review the paintings I've completed over the past 12 months. One thing I like to do just for fun, is reflect on what my favorite 'muse' was? In other words, what object did I find myself painting most? I even broaden this question to see which flowers I painted most that year?

So, my 2009 most treasured object was...
So for me this vase proved to be my most treasured possession. It was purchased in the summer, from a 'budget-antique type' shop, while I was vacationing back in Britain. I just fell in love with the simple organic curves of it's form and the wonderful crisp leaf and stem designs on it's sides.

Here are just a couple of example paintings I completed using the vase -

And the 2009 most painted flower was....
It actually turned out to be a close run competition with a number of flowers all coming pretty close, but in the end 'the Lilly' squeaked across the finishing line first. Which if I'm honest, is a surprise, because I can struggle a little with them and tend to think I prefer painting Irises or tulips, (which it should be noted have been previous award winners). Just goes to show you never can tell.

..and here are just a few examples of this years Lilies....


  1. You've managed to make a very ordinary vase into a lovely object.
    I love your use of colour.

  2. I really like the way you handled the sunflowers. Look forward to more!