Thursday, January 27, 2011

Video on it's way

Last week a friend persuaded me to do one of those videos of painting a painting, that then gets speeded up, so it all happens very fast.

Filming it was interesting, I had to be pretty focused on subject matter to get it done quickly. So I borrowed from my previous painting 'Papaya, pears and lemons with jug' (see it at the bottom of this post), the color palette and many of the design decisions, leaving me open to paint it physically as quickly as possible. In the end I nailed it in just under two and a half hours which is very fast for me and faster than I'd like, so I wont be making a habit of it! ;-)

Papaya and lemons with milk jug
12 X 24 Acrylic on board

Above is the final painting, and once I find the time I'll take the video footage and cut it together and put it on youtube or facebook or somewhere like that. So stay tuned, and watch this space!

Papaya, pears and lemons with jug
14 X 34 Acrylic on board


  1. Can't wait to see the video. Another great painting!

  2. Hi Angus

    I really like your work so an keenly waiting to have a look at the video and see how you go about it!