Tuesday, September 30, 2014

'One on one' art workshop

Over the last couple of weeks I've given 3 days 'one on one' private teaching. Good fun and a great opportunity for an artist to really get to know not only 'what makes me tick' and how I approach my work; but also to really dig down deep and explore their working method and style.

This intense and direct process gives far greater granularity and focus than I'm able to give in my usual 'group' workshop teaching. It allows me to focus in on specific areas that the student wants to explore.

 Delphinium with Apricots and Poms
24X18               Acrylic on panel

This painting I completed on day one, as part of an introductory demonstration.  I didn't get it 100% finished, since I spent a lot of time talking, explaining techniques and covering other art techniques & processes. I made the finishing touches to it  over a few other sessions.


During the later workshop days we worked on a lot of 'challenges' or 'painting exercises'. They sound dull, but are a great way to break out of bad habits, and make new ground. Additionally,  many of them are great fun too! We explored simplifying complex forms and designing good color schemes.  I haven't posted visuals of these tests for the blog, but perhaps I should photograph them and post them later?

The painting below is a 'little one' I produced while the student was working on theirs. I like these small grouping of objects;  I love the way they can still clearly define a message and style despite the simplicity of the subject.

Above - Early days. (Photo taken at an angle, so you can just see the set up in the background.)

Lemons with a pair of reds
14X11            Acrylic on panel

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