Monday, February 6, 2017

new work - Stargazer Lilies

Here's two recent paintings featuring Stargazer lilies. As flowers they have such dramatic color and shapes, they're great fun to paint.

I begun these paintings together, but after the early 'under painting' stage I finished the one fully, before tackling the other. Looking back now I can't recall, which was ahead of which. The bouquet was the same for both, though you may notice I made a few aesthetic alterations to each to differentiate the paintings, and build different compositions within them. Within "Oranges, reds' the stems of the flowers twists and curl across the width of the composition, whereas in 'Watermelon & Stargazer' the flowers primarily stretch up, lengthening (or 'aiding') the tall design of the overall painting.

I enjoyed working on them as a pair, the same size and a similar subject; however with a few conscious color and composition changes, each seems distinctly different in tone & treatment.

 Stargazer lilies with Oranges, reds & pinks 
36X24                Acrylic on panel

Watermelon & Stargazer lilies arrangement
36X24                         Acrylic on panel

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