Thursday, September 23, 2010

New ideas

Tulips with color
Size 24X18 Acrylic on board

This is my favorite painting of the moment.* I think it's because it's pulled together a number of processes I've been exploring of late into one painting. In some senses it illustrates a direction I want to explore further. Many of these 'concepts' are pretty subtle, but one example is placing dabs of color throughout the painting that relate to other areas within the painting, these are sometimes done as small flecks or tones of color shining through from the under painting, or as very clear defined brush strokes of color. This technique of course isn't new in the world of art, or even new to me; but recently I've been consciously engaging it and acting on it in a more dramatic fashion. (This can be seen in the backdrop with the pink on the left having sympathetic 'blobs' of pink on the right, surrounding the flowers).

Another more compelling idea I've been exploring is having swathes (or bands) of color moving through the painting, this can be seen with both the usage of the pink and the blue around the background. This week I'm completing another painting with a similar color plan to this, to reinforce in my mind some of these ideas. I'll post it when it's done.



* Over the years, I've come to realize that my favorite painting is not always anyone else's favorite. These things are very subjective and personal. Generally in a solo show it's my least favorite painting that sells first, so there you go what do I know! As a rule I find it best to love them all and keep quite about which ones I like the best; just breaking the rule a little today with this post.


  1. I think this is working really well- the close ups show the colour contrasts and underpainting coming through.


  2. Thanks for sharing a little of your process as you painted this one. It works - almost reaching off the canvas at the viewer and the colors (so many pure colors) work together because of what you've done to touch them throughout the painting.

  3. Love reading your thoughts and processes. A great reminder for me to read about repeating the background colors. Also, I really like the melons in the last piece.

  4. Just lovely Angus.A feast for the eye.And uplifting.Really interesting to read about the under painting thats clearly working so well!