Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Underpaintings - Plums, pears and lillies

I tend to always use an under painting when painting a still life, for me it's a little like building a good foundation for the house to be built on; in other words, 'it keeps me right' as I progress. I enjoy to paint colors within my under painting that either harmonize or contrast with my planned colors for the final paintings. Then as I paint later stages of paint I allow it to show through in areas to create interest and depth to areas of color. Additionally the under painting also creates greater complexity of color in the final painting.

Here's a couple of examples.
example color plan: stargazer lilies with fruit and chair (size 40X55)

example color plan: Tulips with bell peppers and limes (size 20X24)

This latest painting felt a little different to me, because I consciously chose soft pastel hues with unusual color choices.

the under painting

The painting mid way through.

I think because I was planning on leaving a lot of color showing through I kept the colors throughout the painting fairly close together in relationships; - the green/ yellow tablecloth, with the yellow ochre back drape, coupled with yellow and brown/red objects. I did this somewhat subconsciously, but I'm glad I did.

This is the final painting. I think these dramatic pastel color hues poking through the final paint have worked well in this case. Giving both the tablecloth and background drape a lot of energy and warmth, especially when studied close.

Plums, pears and lillies. Acrylic on board size 24X18

I took these details (below) to show the under painting really showing through and reacting with the foreground colors.



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